Head in Hands

On Friday I finished my first week at my crazy cool new job. Great people, great place, and a position I know I’ll really grow into. Week one at a new job is a barrage of new faces, new information, new processes, new responsibilities, and new challenges. I’ve been living the slacker uni student life […]


During my course I became very aware of what lay ahead of me in my pursuit of a communications career. It turned out getting the degree was the easy part. The hard part was (and still is) finding a job. I knew I had to do something to set myself apart from all the other […]


I wrote an entry for the World Nomad’s 2013 worldwide travel writing competition. I was lucky enough to be one of 25 shortlisted applicants from a pool of very talented writers from all over the globe. Below is my entry based on the theme “Catching A Moment”. The View Around Me Quiet. Quiet enough to […]


There is a real temptation when seeing a play so rich in social commentary to either accept its observations as truth or completely dismiss its opinions altogether. It is easy to feel like an expert when it comes to our own society; after all, we all navigate through it every day. When someone decides to […]


Do you remember watching Home Alone 2 as a kid and dreaming of one day having a white New York City Christmas? Or seeing Indiana Jones battle Nazis against a mystical Egyptian backdrop and wishing you too could have an ancient adventure like your pal Indy? The lure of travel, of experiencing exotic destinations, is […]


Artist: Big Sean Album: Hall of Fame Released: August 26, 2013 Rating: **½ After declaring he was Finally Famous with his first studio album back in 2011, Detroit rapper Big Sean believes he has now reached new heights with the August release of his second album Hall of Fame. Unfortunately no one told Big Sean you […]


This first foray into the Melbourne Fringe Festival began as a daunting experience. Leafing through the guide and reading about all the different shows was mind numbing. Art installations? Dance? Strange quasi-musical political satire? It is easy to feel like a complete outsider; like a cultural neanderthal. Sometimes it is best to stick to what […]